Our mission is to improve the world in which we live 

through consulting

We develop our mission by working as advisors to Governments and international institutions on policies and projects that have a high impact on society and the economy.

Digital transformation in the public sector - Novadays

Our experience is added to that of public managers, to design policies capable of transforming their environment. Our specialisation helps you to implement your projects according to the best national and international public management practices.

Innovation policies - Novadays

The in-depth knowledge of the Public Sector is an asset that we make available to civil society promoting private public collaboration, for the benefit of society as a whole.

Transport and mobility policies-Novadays

In short, we design, plan and execute the necessary actions to implement complex projects government-led or by civil society in partnership with governments.

Services to Governments


in public administration

Management tools and models

At Novadays we assist governments throughout the cycle of public policy, from identifying public problems to evaluating policies, programmes and projects.


in public policy

Specialization in different sector policies

Our specialization in public policy allows us to transfer experiences, models and best practices between different sectoral policies, multiplying their impact.

Services to Companies

Specialized services

Knowledge for public-private collaboration

Novadays works with the private sector in the realization of projects of public interest by means of the impulse and the creation of schemes of public-private collaboration.

Sectors and Industries

Areas where we are experts

The companies of diverse economic sectors-high technology, energy, transport, agro-industry, etc.-find an asset in the knowledge of the public sector accumulated by Novadays.

Global and regional themes

The knowledge of regional tendencies and policies allows us to adapt our proposal of services to the different geographical areas in which the company works, learning from the best practices that are given where we work.

Our aspiration is to transform the world and this is achieved only by being able to give at every moment a response to the global issues that concern the whole of Governments and societies. Therefore, we investigate and create adequate knowledge to help in the policies and management of global public problems.

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