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Novadays designs the model of Public Procurement of Innovation of CSIC

16 December 2021 - Innovation is the engine of a country's economic and social development and Spain faces the challenge of making progress in this regard. While less than 2% of GDP is currently invested in science and innovation, 15% of GDP goes to public procurement. This is where public procurement of innovation (PPI) becomes a fundamental pillar of the commitment to research and development.

In this respect, it is essential to increase the field of vision. It is no longer just a question of buying innovation, but of innovating in public procurement.

Novadays is working with the CSIC in a pioneering model of public procurement of innovation aimed at promoting the development of new innovative markets from the demand side. In this way, the aim is to transfer the results of science to private companies that supply the public sector and that will meet the needs of society.

Novadays has designed the operation of this PPI model by identifying major key sectors for society such as health, energy, water or waste management.

The CSIC holds around 400 patents and other assets. It is the Spanish organisation that registers the most patents each year in the official offices of Spain, Europe and WIPO.

Through an open platform for dialogue with all the agents that make up the Spanish innovation ecosystem called living labThe aim is to identify possible needs of society and markets in these and other areas and to create solutions and products through patents and scientific results.

This model of public procurement of innovation is an important milestone in the transfer of knowledge and the valorisation of science.  If public science comes to TRL 4, the private sector can take it to TRL 9 and public purchasers can be the first customers for new products and solutions.  

Novadays already has extensive experience in the implementation of different PPI models, such as the Civil UAVs Initiativesponsored by the Xunta de Galicia and the Ministry of Defence. This initiative aims to promote the industry, handling and application of unmanned aerial vehicles, being the largest CPI operation to date in Spain.

Public entities acting as a contracting body, large, medium and small companies and research groups of the Council will work on the identification and design of public procurement of innovation based on CSIC patents and other scientific results.

It is not just about buying innovation, but about innovation in public procurement.

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