Analysis and consensus of alternatives

The Strategic direction in the public administrations is fundamentally a question of decision making and Choice of alternatives.

As a preliminary step in deciding and formulating their policies, Novadays supports public managers in two important tasks:

  • The Identification of existing alternatives.
  • The Selection of the most suitable alternatives.

As for the identification of existing alternatives, Novadays contributes to this by making available to the public manager:

  • their experience and knowledge of the Classic alternatives to different sectoral policies. In this sense, Each policy (transportation, science, social services, ...) has its classic alternativesThe decision on which other managers have already worked and on which Novadays has often had to report. Starting one's own Selection of alternatives based on the teachings accumulated by others allows you to play it safe and avoid mistakes.
  • the possibility of carrying out Compared studies or benchmarkings, analyzing how other institutions, regions or countries respond to problems similar to those they intend to address, and obtaining useful lessons for decision-making.

As for the Selection of more suitable alternativesNovadays provides the public manager with all its capacity for Analysis of public policies as well as various instruments that allow for the knowledge of the agents related to the policy to be designed, the identification of their interests and, in the end, the selection of consensual alternatives that are feasible for implementationR.

Novadays' multidisciplinary team has the capacity to analyse the Viability of any alternative from the legal, technical and financial perspective.