Implementation of policies and projects

Both the policies and projects carried out by the public sector require significant human resources which are sometimes not available to the public sector itself. In addition, the Increasing complexity of public policies and their multidisciplinary implications make it difficult to implement policies and projects with the administration's own resources.

Therefore, Novadays experts advise Public Administrations during the process of implementing their policies. The European Commission's project management system, which provides public managers with a large workforce and multi-disciplinary expertise that strengthens and enriches the manager's own capabilities.

The technical offices carried out by novadays — some of which have been extended for more than a decade — address very diverse activities from the full management of complex programmes or initiatives, public procurement offices for specific policies or projects, the project management of public projectss, etc.

Our objective at this point in the public policy cycle is none other than to Provide the public manager with all the resources he needs to enable the implementation of his policies and projects.

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