Evaluation of public policies, programs and services

The practice of Evaluation of public policies, programs and public services is one of the traditional activities of Novadays and the professionals who make up our company. In Novadays we understand the evaluation as a necessary practice for good management in the public sector, betting on Scientific methodologies with a solid academic base and by incorporating new developments in the discipline into practice through concrete improvements in each new evaluation project.

The evaluations made by Novadays are based on the participation of policy, programme or service actors, the mobilisation of collective intelligence and methodological triangulation.deploying a wide range of Quantitative and qualitative research methods that allow a thorough understanding and quantification in iNdicadores and Synthetic indexesThe results, outcomes and impacts of the policy, programme or service being evaluated.

Our evaluation practice has conducted More than 50 evaluation projects in a wide range of public policy areas: transport, research and development, social services, equality and development cooperation.

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