Training of Public Employees

Novadays works on projects of technical cooperation, institutional strengthening or capacity building for both civil servants in Spain and foreign civil servants. 

Novadays implements training courses and seminars for groups of civil servants or public sector staff who require specialised training in some area of public management or public policies in which Novadays works..

The Novadays's formative offer is expressly designed The courses are tailored to each client and are often, but not necessarily, linked to a wider project. The courses given by the company involve both in-house consultants as well as otherProfessionals from the world of University and Praxisincluding active public managers. Novadays Collaborates with prestigious universities and academic centers in the creation of ad-hoc courses that are subsequently recognised by these centres.

Among the Public Policy training Programs The programmes carried out by the company include programmes focused on Sectoral policies (transport, science, social services,...), programmes aimed at General aspects of public management (planning, evaluation, financing, gender, ...) or Programs focused on specific issues of current interest for public managers (Innovative Public Procurement, Public-Private Partnership models, etc.).

Novadays organises and manages Study trips for civil servants to other countries and regions, including visits to infrastructures, services or departments whose performance is analysed for subsequent implementation at home by these officials.

Novadays collaborates with the Public Administration Institutes of the different governments in the design of training programmes or ad-hoc courses, As well as with specific departments and institutions that demand these courses directly.

Novadays has a its own training centre in the Basque Country, which offers several days of team training for civil servants..

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