Public procurement

When it comes to formulating and developing public policies or government-sector projects, public procurement is a fundamental element.

Novadays provides administrations with a Thorough knowledge of recruitment procedures according to the new Public Sector Contracts Act, With a team of jurists specialists in public and administrative law composed of reputable professionals some of whom are members in leave of the specialized bodies of the General administration of the state.

Together with the legal team, Our technical teams of engineers and other disciplines provide the necessary knowledge to address the technical aspects of almost any tender. The references of Novadays in this type of actions collect both highly specialized biddings in sectors such as aerospace, energy or large infrastructure as more general biddings such as supplies, technical assistances, etc. In social sectors, equality, etc.

The Strategic public procurement It is an area in which Novadays is acquiring a relevant experience, being responsible for the Largest public procurement project for ongoing innovation at EspañTo and the Greater operation of the implementation of the environmental public purchase currently carried out by a Spanish government.

Novadays's bidding offices are employed by our clients for the management of programs or complex funds, as is the case with the implementation and management of European funds.

Novadays' consultants can support any public sector department in identifying the best option for the implementation of a policy or project, selecting from this the Most appropriate procedure for the tendering of the works or services to be procured, Develop technical and administrative documents necessary for such a call for tenders, launch the Bidding process, manage the relationship with the tenderers-especially complex in the cases of Competitive Dialogue-Support the public in the Technical evaluation of the proposals received and to carry out the processing linked to the resolution of the tender.

Novadays provides Public Administrations with a knowledge of public tendering that is always in the 'state of the art' incorporating the latest developments from EU law and enabling the use of innovative procedures such as the Innovative public procurement or innovation partnerships.

Novadays provides this type of services for all types of contracting bodies, either through Punctual assistance For a tender or a set of them, or through Recruitment offices For the outsourcing of recruitment work.