Public sector financing

Novadays is one of the Spanish companies with the largest Know-How in terms of public sector financing.

Our consultants have been working for years with public policy-makers to identify the most important issues and to identify the most effective National and international sources of funding that can be used to finance the implementation of policies and projects that this manager wants to implement.

In the framework of these actions, Novadays can contribute to the public manager a broad and detailed knowledge of the multiple European funds existing for the Financing of infrastructure projects, technology, competitiveness, trainingetc; As well as theStrategic orientation and procedures to be followed to obtain financing from these funds and their correct management until the time of their certification.

Novadays works with the Central Government, regional governments and local authorities in the design of projects and their presentation to a wide range of different Funding programs, both national and international.

Similarly, Novadays contributes to the public administrations a wide knowledge of the private financing funds that may exist for the implementation of policies and projects through public-private partnerships, either directly by the public sector or in collaboration with the private sector.