Planning and Programming

Planning and Programming

Strategic management in the public administration usually requires a process ofStrategic or sectoral planning and/or programme development for the development of public policies.

Strategic plans

Novadays' consultants bring together an important Experience in the implementation of strategic plans in the public sector, accumulated over the last 20 years, in which they have been working with various governments and public entities in the design and implementation of their strategic plans.

Novadays envisages strategic planning as an indispensable process for good governance in the public sector, advocating a clear differentiation between theStrategic planning methodologies and techniques needed in the public sector and those of the private sector, and incorporating in each project the latest developments in terms of public management techniques. In this sense, the multi-sectoral and multi-country experience of Novadays' teams provides an important degree ofTransfer of knowledge and best practices from one sector to another as well as from one country or region to other.

The strategic plans and programmes developed by Novadays together with its clients are characterised by the assumption of these plans and programmes as their own by the client's teams with whom we work, thanks to the Co-design of the Plan and the incorporation of the collective knowledge -The aim is to develop a common understanding of the role of the EU and its policies and actions, both of those responsible for their implementation and of the beneficiaries of their policies or actions. Our aim is to develop Viable plans, incorporating not only technical aspects but also legal, financial, environmental and social.

Sectoral plans

Novadays advises public in the elaboration and implementation of sectoral plans in public policy fields as diverse as transport, social services, science and technology and energy. 

Our extensive Sector specialization through teams focused on different subjects, allow the company to carry out this work with high quality standards in a wide range of areas.

Our sectoral plans (transport, innovation, social policies, gender, etc.) are nourished by our international experience, the multidisciplinarity of our team and the transfer of methodologies and knowledge of areas of Public sector to the others. This allows us to innovate continuously, always improving the content of our sectoral plans.

Public programs

Novadays has developed over the years numerous Public programs in different fields of public policy. In these programmes, objectives and resources are identified and The necessary instruments are established to achieve them. Examples of our company's work have been important R&D&I support programmes, social aid programmes, renewable energy programmes, etc. In the design of programmes, Novadays has developed regulations for the Call for public aid according to the General Subsidies Act o set up public procurement offices for the implementation of a programme through concessions, authorisations or public procurement.