Identification and diagnosis of needs

The public policy cycle begins with the existence of a Public problem, understood this in a generic way as a set of needs of a series of actors, to be given response from the public sector.

The characterization of this public problem and the needs associated with it through research and conducting studies is a common need of the public administrator.

The scientific investigation of the necessities and of the public problems is concreted by novadays through the realization of studies using quantitative and qualitative techniques that allow us to characterize and to know in depth the situation that has to be managed by the public manager, as well as collecting the contributions of affected and involved agents in order to design viable policies.

Over the past 10 years, Novadays has carried out this type of study for a wide range of institutions and practically all areas of public management.

Novadays performs more than 100,000 annual surveys, designed and performing major field operations to run both large surveys (such as the national Drug and Alcohol use survey, with a field work of more than 40 000 face-to-face interviews), as smaller surveys. Novadays always works in this kind of operations, respecting the strictest demands of scientific research.

Likewise, and within the qualitative techniques used by the company in its research projects, Novadays's consultants carry out more than 600 in-depth interviews every year and 100 groups of reflection to know the discourse of actors and affected of different public policies.
Over the years and thanks to our multidisciplinary team, Novadays' research work has dealt with almost all public policy issues (transport, energy, social services, equality, science, business, health, education, employment...).

Through the research we generate the necessary knowledge for the decision-making, which allows to approach a detailed planning for the implementation of successful policies and actions.