Other areas of public policy

Other areas of public policy

Given Novadays' specialisation in management and public policy, The company's teams have worked in practically all the areas of the public Sector. In the case of Spain, All ministries have been clients of NovadayS.

Novadays' approach in this respect is to view the public sector as an area of specialisation, in which all policies, more or less specialised, share the Management resources and tools that characterize the public sector in front of the private sector.

In this respect, the Diagnosis, analysis and consensus of policies emplea Common methodologiesNovadays' methodologies, regardless of the sector concerned, are reinforced with a Technical team specialising in the particular issues of each area of public policy.

The Policy-making The public-private partnership approach - from feasibility studies to tendering, financing and legislative development, and including strategic management methodologies through planning and programming, and public-private partnership models - draws heavily on a thorough understanding of public and private sector issues. Accumulated experiences working in a wide variety of sectors,Transferring methodologies and models from the most innovative to the most traditional. In this sense, Our experience in sectors such as science and technology or infrastructure has been employed by other institutions in areas such as health, education or road safety.

Thus, together with the sectors in which most of the company's activity is concentrated, our consultants have worked and continue to work in other areas of public policy as:

  • Road safety policies.
  • Tourism policies.
  • Agriculture policies.
  • Rural development policies.

We encourage you to request our references in those policies where you may need our support or simply ask your needs through the form below.