Internationalization and investment policies

Policy consultancy to support internationalization and investment attraction


Supporting companies in their internationalisation process and attracting foreign investment for the country, region or city has become a priority for almost all governments. Novadays has an important International experience in both design and use of these instrumentsThis has the effect of making available to the authorities with responsibility for these policies a Key knowledge for the design and execution of their own policies and actions.

The support of Novadays consultants in these activities can materialise in many different ways, throughout the public management cycle, from the very first steps of the public administration to the very last ones. Analysis (needs, compared studies, opportunities, etc.)) to the Direct execution of activities by the company's consultants, passing by the formulation and development of new instruments of supporting companies or attracting foreign investment.

Our history with the support of internationalization

2005-2014: The internationalization of the Spanish economy.

Since the middle of the last decade, Novadays has been working with the General administration of the state, both with the State Secretariat for Trade as with the Ministry of Foreign Affairsin the work of Support for the internationalization of the Spanish company. Together with this, the company has worked with the Regional ministries and agencies with responsibilities in this area, by creating consortiums for foreign promotiondesigning and realising Campaigns for internationalization, improving the supporting tools and taking into account Foreign investors in search of a Proper location for their investments.

2015-20 ..: The challenge of expanding the base of exporting companies.

In the last two years a exponential export growth and a Never before seen increase in Spain of the base of exporting companies. Governments and their agencies are faced with the challenge of responding to this new situation by developing their Instruments of economic diplomacycreating Innovativeinstruments and, in general, by developing the Policies and instruments of economic diplomacy in our country. Novadays supports them with a knowledge based on itsExperience with other governmentsas well as in a practical approach derived from the Detailed knowledge of existing instruments in other countries leaders.