Social services and equality policies

Social services and equality policies

Our Practice of social services and equality includes a number of areas that share one thing in common: their importance in the welfare society. These policies include:

  • Youth policies.
  • Seniors ' policies.
  • Gender equality policies.
  • Integration policies.
  • Immigration policies.
  • Dependency policies.

All these actions are approached from a Multidisciplinary perspective, combining the Social Focus with the economic-financial, legal and technologicalThe aim of all this is to enable administrations to provide a Better social Services in a sustainable manner over time.

Novadays works with governments at all levels of competence: Central, regional and local governments. We also work withInternational multilateral organizations in the Improving the social services and equality of people globally.

Our history with social services and equality policies

Years 80 and 90: pioneers in Spain

The Novadays team is one of the pioneers in the design and management of social services policies in Spain. Prior to the birth of the company, its components worked from the mid-80 years with the various central, regional and local governments in the development of their competencies in these policies.

2000-2010: Strengthening policies and the advent of the crisis

Between 2000 and 2010, Novadays consultants worked for practically all the departments of the General State Administration and all the Autonomous Communities in their social services and equality policies. In these years, to the traditional policies of youth, seniors, etc., were added important actions on Immigration policy and in Gender equality policy. Novadays took part with several Autonomous Regions in the deployment of the Dependency Law, both in strategy projects and on financial and technical issues that had to be addressed in these years.

During these years, the companies worked, for example, on studies to find out the needs of the recipients of these services (such as, for example, the Larger users of the senior centers); in the design of plans and programmes (including Regional strategic Plans of all social services); in the implementation of the actions of these plans (directing Technological projects to improve the management of these services); y Evaluating services provided by administrations and, where appropriate, enterprises or institutions, within the framework of the social services system (such as, for example, The Telecare service).

2010-20 –: Sustainability of social services and equality policies

Since 2010 and especially since 2015, Novadays' consultants with expertise in social services and equality policies have had to support the public manager in a time of serious financial constraints, often addressing High-complexity legal and economic issues. The practice of equality policies has internationalised its activity, allowing Novadays to become today a reference company in the Gender mainstreaming in public projects and services in various areas (transport, energy, etc.).