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Novadays is a Global Public Sector consulting company, with a wide activity in the Spanish market and presence in four continents.

What is public sector consultancy?

Public sector consulting firms are professional service companies that advise Governments and public entities in the design of their actions (public policies) and execution of them (public management).

Within the consultancy for the public sector there is a wide diversity: strategy, ICT, human resources, etc.

Novadays is a Public Sector consulting company highly Specialized. Our mission is to achieve Improve the society in which we live through consulting And to achieve this, we study, design, execute and evaluate projects and actions that can improve society; Whether they are promoted by the public sector or if they arise from the private sector but must be developed in collaboration with the public sector.

What do public sector consulting firms do?

Public sector consulting companies provide high value professional services, always adapting to the specific needs of each client and every project. Some of the professional services that are offered in our market are:

  • The public sector consultancy firms carry out economic, social, market or technical feasibility studies to launch new policies, plans, programs or public projects.
  • The public sector consultancy companies design these activities or policies, as well as define the strategy and the operations that must be followed for their start-up or launching.
  • The public sector consultancy companies perform the necessary actions to start these activities or to launch the new plans, programs and projects, in a broad sense, executing the operating processes that have previously been designed.
  • Public sector consultancy companies manage these activities, departments or offices, providing value as managers and not just as strategists.
  • Public sector consultancy firms evaluate the activities that have been put in place, allowing us to know the results that have been achieved.

The importance of public service vocation in public sector consulting firms

In Novadays we understand that the consultancy should be linked to the experience and the professionalism of the people who provide the services of the consulting companies. Therefore, the training, both technical and skills, of these professionals is what distinguishes companies from other consultancy.

In the case of public sector consultancy, this has to be added the vocation of public service. The public sector is extremely complex and knowing it in depth requires experience and vocation. Public sector consultants must share with senior officials and employees of the public sector this vocation to improve society through public policies and actions.

If you have a vocation for public service and want to develop your professional career in a public sector consulting company, Novadays offers you to be part of its team.

The history of public sector consultancy

In the framework of the tendency to the high specialization that characterizes the consultancy sector, and of the appearance of consulting companies of boutique, arise in the beginning of the years 80, in the Anglo-Saxon countries the consultants specialized in the services Professionals to Governments and public administrations. They are consulting companies that combine the knowledge of private management (originated in business schools) with those of macroeconomics and political science. Its success is based on the public management's pursuit of different objectives than private enterprise; And that the instruments to reach them are equally different.

The growth of these companies is due to the increasing professionalization of the public management, to the extension of the practices of the strategic direction in the administrations and to the awareness of the need to manage in an optimal way the resources Available. In this general framework, public managers require external support, providing them with knowledge to overcome the challenges that arise.

Currently, in the market of government consulting firms, several types of consultancy companies can be found:

  • Political image or political consultancy companies: they advise parties and candidates in their election campaigns and in their public image.
  • Lobby companies, whose activity is to represent the interests of private companies in the face of decisions taken in the public sector.
  • Management companies and public policies, whose activity is to support politicians and officials in the implementation, execution and follow-up of their activities (projects, services, programs, plans, etc).

If you want to know how your organisation or your company can take advantage of the knowledge gathered by Novadays in its activity with governments and public administrations, we invite you to contact our consultants.

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