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Implementation of the environmental public purchase in the city of Madrid

The city Council of Madrid, one of the largest governments in Spain in terms of public procurement, has been developing various actions to promote environmental public procurement or green public procurement among its more than 120 recruitment bodies for years. With this new project, the city of Madrid seeks to implement the green public procurement in a definitive and systematized way.
Novadays has been awarded the public tender for the implementation of environmental public procurement in the city of Madrid and will attend this institution over the next 20 months to address this important transformation of public procurement.
The project integrates a multidisciplinary team of engineers, sociologists, scientists and jurists, who will work together with the contracting authorities of the City Council and others interested in the definition of a general recruitment guide and instructions For a wide variety of products.
With this project, Novadays consolidates itself as a reference company in the Strategic public procurement, participating as advisor in the two main projects existing in Spain today: the Public purchase of innovation of the Civil UAVs Initiative in Galicia And the implementation of green public procurement in the city of Madrid.
The guide and the instructions of hiring of the city Council of Madrid in green public purchase are called to become a reference for all the local governments, that will have in them a model for the elaboration of administrative and technical sheets that To buy products and services that are respectful of the environment.

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