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April 2024 - The Business Factory Aero is the best example of the results that a region can achieve with the strategic use of public procurement. With the publication of a new call (consolidation modality) and with the recognition by FUNCAS as the best accelerator in Spain, the BFAero is consolidated as one of the main results obtained by the Xunta de Galicia of its strategic initiative Civil UAVs Initiative.

The BFAero was born as a result of the bidding process for large partnership agreements with aerospace companies and the inclusion among the evaluation criteria of the bids of various aspects related to the impact on the company and local talent. Since then, thanks to the impulse of the Xunta de Galicia, the management of the CEL Foundation and the work of many professionals from both the public and private sectors, the BFAero has contributed to the creation and development of 42 business projects, and the generation of 180 qualified jobs and a turnover of around 7 million euros, consolidating itself as one of the main European incubators and accelerators in the aerospace sector.

BFAero is the incubation, acceleration and consolidation program for companies specialized in the aerospace sector of the Galician Aerospace Pole, of the Civil UAVs Initiative (CUI), which seeks to promote the development of innovative companies in the Galician aerospace sector.

As part of the 5th edition of Business Factory Aero (BFAero), 12 new business projects were selected. Among others, the manufacture of an ultralight aircraft with a high quality standard, an innovative training program aimed at people who want to professionally join the drone industry or a solution that integrates unmanned vehicle technology and artificial intelligence to improve the analytical experience of soccer teams by integrating advanced imaging and data solutions.

In this last call (the sixth is now open), an executive committee made up of the Business Confederation of Lugo (CEL) -responsible for its management- and the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) selected the proposals from among 144 received from 26 countries in Europe, America and Asia. The evaluation was based on criteria such as the capacity and dedication of the promoting team and the technical feasibility of the proposal, as well as the possibility of positioning it in the market.

As a continuation of the program, BFAero presents a new call for Consolidation Itinerary, focused on those startups in the aeronautical, aerospace and unmanned vehicle sector that are in the consolidation phase. The details of the Program and this call can be accessed at Business Factory Aero (

BFAero has become a benchmark both nationally -it is a key lever in driving the Spanish aerospace industry, helping to generate talent and innovation- and internationally. This is demonstrated by the total of 42 startups that are part of its incubation, acceleration and consolidation itineraries. The recognition by FUNCAS as the best accelerator in Spainconfirms the present and future of the BFAero.

The Xunta de Galicia, through BFAero, is committed to entrepreneurship and the creation, acceleration and consolidation of companies in the aerospace sector.

The BFAero is today one of the most important results of the Civil UAVs Initiative, a strategic initiative in whose design and implementation Novadays has been advising the Xunta de Galicia since 2014.

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