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Critical infrastructure security: the case of large tunnels

Novadays is developing, together with partners from France, Italy and Belgium, a project to improve the security of European critical infrastructure against possible accidents and nuclear, chemical or bacteriological attacks. Large road and rail transport tunnels will be the first type of critical infrastructure in which these improvements are tested.

The initiative takes place within the framework of the new European Commission's policies to promote security and defenceThe Commission has set the protection of this type of infrastructure as one of its objectives, promoting various measures to ensure that the various Member States coordinate their actions in this area.

The project Transnational Tunnel operational CBRN Risk Mitigation will focus over the next two years on analysing the response to this type of risk in the main European tunnels, including Frejus and Montblanc. These risks can be caused both by external agents and accidents in the transport of dangerous goods, as well as by threats of deliberate attacks.

The security of these infrastructures is a key element not only for those that are already operating, but above all for those that are designed, built and operated in the future. Novadays will incorporate the knowledge generated in this project as an essential part in the risk analysis of these infrastructures.

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