Banking and investment funds

Novadays' legal, technical and financial experts work with banks and funds in the Investment opportunity Analysis or in the Project finance for infrastructure projects.

Our knowledge of the Public funding needs and how governments finance their policies and projects allow Financial Institutions to receive expert advice when Design or market products related to these policies o create Funds aimed at financing public investments.

Our experience in Large infrastructure Projects in various countries, as well as the In-depth knowledge of important sectors with high growth potential enables us to advise financial institutions, lenders and investors in the Project evaluation or in the Management of companies in these sectors.

Our specialised teams work for entities in this sector in the following areas Risk studies of concessions and other PPP projects, minimizing the risk assumed by these entities when participating in the projects.

Our Knowledge of bilateral and multilateral financial instruments of the most developed nations also enables us to offer our advice on the creation of complex financial structures, Linked to large infrastructure projects.

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