Information and communication technologies

Novadays advises several companies in the information technology and telecommunications macro-sector, carrying out the following activities Projects in all the services offered by our company for the private sector.

The Novadays Customers in this sector range from large multinationals in the sector to SMEs, both Spanish and foreign.

Novadays has supported a broad group of companies in this sector in the Financing your projects and investmentsin Spain as well as in its Internationalization processes; Managed Large Projects for national and international consortia of companies in the sector.

Our knowledge of the Public demand for technologies has been used by some companies in the ICT sector for Design or adapt your products to the present and future needs of the public sectoras well as for Market Your Products through processes of Public purchase of innovative services or public procurement.

Our multi-sectoral expertise has also been used by companies in this sector to Designing products for other sectorsas well as to set up and manage integrated consortia to respond to Complex biddings or Turnkey Integral projects.

If you want to know our references in this sector, as well as the different ways in which we can help you, feel free to contact us through the form below.