Development partnerships

The inclusive growth has become a priority for any government, in any country or region. For this reason, the Large public projects are now linked to the realization of social and economic contributions to achieve this inclusive growth in the Project Influence Area.

Novadays' consultants work with private companies on the Design of local development programs or development partnerships, in which the company commits, finances or executes actions of high interest to the government responsible for tendering the draft reference.

Novadays' contribution is based on the Detailed knowledge of public policiesthe study of the Specific needs of each government and the Transfer of Best practices international relations between one place and another.

Our contribution to private companies can be made both before and after the tendering and awarding of a major project. Our consultants can take care of the Design of the proposal of the company in all that refers to its commitments of development of the area of influence of the project.

If you want to know our references, please feel free to contact us through the form below.