Public procurement

Public procurement and support in the preparation of national and international biddings

The Public procurement is a key activity for an important number of companiesThe public sector is an important client for them. The knowledge it has Novadays The reasons behind the public sector's decision to tender (policies, plans, funding, etc.) can be of great interest to the public sector. Great help for the commercial strategy of any company that has the public administrations among its clients.

Selling to the Public Sector is increasingly a More complex activityThis causes private companies - large, medium and small - to either forego Market their products in the public sector or not Optimally leverage the possibilities of traditional contracts and new recruitment formulas (innovative public procurement, innovation partnerships, competitive dialogue, etc.) may have on the purchase of their works, services or projects by the administrations concerned.

Our knowledge can contribute to the company important advantages when competing, through consulting for, for example:

  • Getting to know the demand of your products early by the public sector, when it plans or structures the financing.
  • Adapt their products to the future demand of the public sector, based on the policies and financial programs that will be implemented by the administrations.
  • Make national and international biddings, being able to go our advice from the project "turnkey" to participation in certain parts of a proposal.
  • improve their proposals by incorporating value contributions for the public manager, through products and services that the public sector demands to novadays habitually.

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