Public funding for Business projects

Public funding for Business projects

The public sector knowledge accumulated by Novadays is of high interest to the private sector when it comes to Finance business projects with public sector resources, destined to very diverse activities within the framework of the policies of this.

The consultants of Novadays accompany private enterprise throughout the process of public funding search and closing, From the analysis of existing funding and its adaptation to the company's needs Until the financial closing of it.

Financing of large infrastructures 

Novadays works with companies Funders, builders and operators of transport infrastructures, energy, water management, etc, in the setting up complex financial structures in the framework of its Project Finance. Knowledge of the possibilities and international investment and equipment financing instrumentsboth Bilateral from many different countries, such as Multilateral, makes novadays a suitable partner to mobilize the largest financing at least cost for the construction and exploitation of this type of project.

Funding for research, development and innovation

Novadays works with companies from multiple sectors in their Research, development and innovation projectsAs a consultant for the financing of the same in the framework of the public instruments to support R&D&Iboth in Spain (calls for grants, etc.) and outside Spain. Novadays advises these companies in the design of their projects in the optimal way so that they can be selected in calls for competitive R&D grants, national and international, complementary (such as loans, grants, etc.). Risk sharingOr, in general, any bilateral or multilateral instrument to enable the financing of this type of project.

Financing of pilot projects

The implementation of the Operation of new technologies through pilot projects is also often financed by the public sector, both in Spain and in other countries. The instruments that exist for this purpose are complex and include between the usual R&D and Project FinanceTherefore, expert advice is often necessary for a company to be able to make optimal use of these financing instruments. Novadays works with Main Spanish companies in the financing of its pilot projects in fields such as the Renewable energies, intelligent transport systems or innovative infrastructures.

Financing of productive investments

The Attraction of productive investments to their territories is one of the objectives of many governments, which are providing themselves with instruments to support these investments. Novadays helps companies that are going to make these investments to Analyzing the different alternatives and to Negotiating with the public sector aid packages designed to Ad-hoc for the establishment of the company in question, maximising the public contribution. Our experience with the financing of productive investments extends to a large number of countries in the world. Europe, America and Africa.

Other public funding

The Diversity and complexity of public funds -multilateral, bilateral and national budgets - makes it advisable for any company that is to undertake an Investment that would result in the public good of a region or a nation analyse the existence of funds to support such investment. Novadays has the capacity to advise in an agile way and analyse the availability or not of public funds to support such an investment. Co-financing the various investments.

If you are interested in learning about how we have supported other companies in obtaining co-financing for their projects from different administrations (national and international) or multilateral organisations,  or in How we could help youPlease do not hesitate to contact us at form at the end of the page.