Independent expert reports

Novadays performs at the request of private companies independent expert reports on all topics related to the specialization of the company.

Our consultants collaborate with companies and other organizations to carry out technical reports on public policies or on issues related to public sector companies, such as:

  • Valuation of regulated businesses such as transport or infrastructure concessions.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Rate studies.
  • Action plans for the public sector.
  • Position writings before legislative changes or public sector decisions.
  • Expert reports.
  • etc.

In this sense, Novadays makes available to the private company its Knowledge multidisciplinary, combining the technical knowledge of a subject or sector with the economic-financial, legal and technological; All this with the aim of reporting independently on the specific issue presented to it.

Novadays has produced reports for a Very wide range of economic sectors, from road passenger transport to high-tech sectors, through transport and energy infrastructures or social services.