Novadays is an innovative company. Innovation is already collected in the company's own name: Every day is a new day. Beyond innovating in each and every one of the projects in which Novadays participates as a research and consultancy company, Since its creation, the company has developed an intense internal innovation activity, in collaboration with universities, research and technology centres and private companies.

Strategic Approach

The strategic approach of Novadays's innovation activity is Objective the acquisition of knowledge necessary to advise our clients in the future. Therefore, Novadays participates in the Creation of technology and models capable of transforming public management and public services, and therefore susceptible to represent The demand of the public sector of the present and tomorrow.

Current innovation lines

Autonomous and electric mobility

Changes in the means of transport are called to change not only the policies of mobility, but also those of infrastructures, urbanism and, in general, cities.

Since 2008, Novadays participates with the European leaders in the field in R + D + I projects of autonomous mobility and electric mobility, acquiring the knowledge that will be necessary for the impulse and management of these changes by the governments.

Transversal knowledge

The experience of Novadays in H2020-the main R & D Programme of the European Union-has highlighted the ability to create or acquire knowledge in a transveral way in practically all the technological sectors or areas.

Novadays has been participating in several projects, being responsible for Transveras activities directly linked to the impact of the projects, the design and management of pilots in public environments, the incorporation of the gender perspective or the Carrying out business cases of products or technologies for which the public sector is a fundamental customer or that must be marketed in highly regulated environments.

New energy systems and efficiency in the use of resources

Changes in energy generation and storage systems, as well as technologies that will enable more efficient use of energy and, in general, resources, are already causing radical changes in green growth policies and The management of cities throughout the world.

Novadays participates in various R & D projects aimed at advancing the development of these technologies or to broaden their impact on societies and people's lives.

Models and methodologies of public management

The different disciplines of the social sciences, such as law, economics, political science or sociology, are continually innovating in the creation of new methodologies for the best knowledge and the best management of the public.

Novadays collaborates with more than a dozen universities in Europe and other parts of the world research projects in the various fields of social sciences, subsequently transferring the results achieved to real public management environments to Through its research and consultancy services.

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