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Innovation for the improvement of agro-industry and human health

The various public-private consortiums managed by Novadays in the field of agribusiness develop innovative products and solutions that are concretized in new healthier foods or products and processes that make the sector more competitive Agroindustrial.

The reason: The total alternative of olive and sunflower to palm oil.

The Economist: The GR2020 Project manages to replace palm oil and reduce 40% of fatty acids in chocolate substitutes.

EuropaPress: The Bovigreen group starts its first actions to reduce the environmental footprint of beef cattle production.

Drones for the improvement of public services

The Civil UAVs Iniative-The strategic initiative of the Xunta de Galicia designed and coordinated by Novadays-has as its main objective the improvement of public services through the use of UAVs. Many public services are the set of challenges that are reponded by the companies awarded a number of public procurement contracts for innovation.

Expansion: Flying defibrillators for the Camino de Santiago.

La Vanguardia: Indra proves in Vigo Estuary the marine drone built in the UAVs Initiative Civil project of the Xunta.

Equality and social equity

Our research and consultancy projects help to eliminate the barriers of inequality between people, and to maximize the impact of the public policies that are directed. Migrants, women, people masyores or with a disability focus the focus of our projects of greater social draft.

The country: The ' Neorruralidad ', led by women?

DIARIO16: Latin American immigrants send about 1,000 euros a year to their country.

The country: Latin American emigrants in Spain: a future in the air.