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The Environmental Public Procurement Programme of the Madrid City Council. 

Environmental Public Procurement (EPP) is a major instrument to achieve the objectives linked to green growth and to develop a new industrial and innovation policy that favours the creation of competitive industries and companies in the surrounding area.


The City of Madrid, the capital of Spain, is one of the main contracting bodies in the country, with a demand that exceeds 1,000 million euros per year. The challenge for the City Council is to use this capacity not only to acquire what it needs, but also to transform society and the economy by using public procurement as a strategic instrument of public policy. All this within a framework of motivating organisational transformation, given the networked structure of municipal procurement.

Solution created

Novadays' consultants and the City Council's public procurement managers have designed the Public Procurement Program of the City of Madrid. A program that is developed through the implementation of new procurement instructions that affect the more than 100 contracting bodies of the Corporation and the provision of all public managers of technical and legal information, with models of technical and administrative specifications for the procurement of various supplies, works and services. In addition, a dissemination and training plan was designed and implemented to motivate the City Council's public managers to effectively implement environmental public procurement.


The Public Procurement Program will transform the City Council's contracting and, with it, modify the strategies, operations and product and service offers of the City Council's suppliers. In practice, this means the transformation of entire sectors, such as urban public services (cleaning, lighting, traffic, infrastructure, public transport, etc.), textile supply, food, works, engineering and building, etc. The Programme is also a model for Spanish local authorities, so that the knowledge created in Madrid can be transferred to other local governments.

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