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Transport and mobility policies

Transport and mobility policy consultancy

Sustainable mobility, people and goods, has become a priority objective of modern societies. Novadays works by supporting national, regional and local governments in their Transport policies and plans, as well as in the implementation of their transport infrastructure projects.

Our consultants work with governments on the Design and management of your transportation policies, in a wide range of activities, where it is necessary to separate between:

  • infrastructure consultancy, assisting governments in the legal, technical, financial, social and environmental feasibility study of their infrastructure projects, the study of their socio-economic impact, the evaluation of investments with cost-benefit models or Value for moneyetc. Novadays brings together an important experience creating models of public-private collaboration for the construction and exploitation of large transport infrastructures.
  • Advice on transport and mobility policies, working with Governments in the design and implementation of their policies sustainable mobility, from identifying problems to evaluating results of public intervention, through diagnosis, selection of alternatives, planning and The implementation of the policies, plans and projects designed.
  • Management consulting for public transport companies, supporting the managers of municipal companies of urban transport and public companies managing infrastructure or public services in improving their services and optimizing their farms.

Novadays' experience is spread across all modes of transport, having worked on projects in the following areas Road, rail, sea and air transport. The Logistic sector has also been the subject of numerous projects commissioned from Novadays.

The team of Novadays has been technically assisting public bodies for more than 15 years in improving transport and mobility, accumulating extensive knowledge of this sector.

Our independence of both the construction and operating companiesThe public transport manager, as well as engineering companies, guarantees the public transport manager an expert and independent view to be able to plan and manage its policies. Thinking only of the objectives of the public good.

Our history with transport consultancy and mobility

Before 1990

The Novadays Transport Consultants team is one of the pioneering teams in Spain in terms of specialisation in transport consultancy. Prior to the creation of Novadays, they developed their activity in other recognised companies highly specialised in transport engineering, such as Consultrans, EPTISA, TEMA, etc.

Between 1990 and 2000

In the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, the Novadays team participated in important milestones of transport policies in Spain, such as the creation of the Consortia or single transport authorities in major cities and metropolitan areas of Spain, the definition of the Railway model which would later be implemented in the country (by carrying out the first feasibility studies of the High speed in Spain) or designing the expansion of important networks such as that of the Madrid Metro.

In these same years, the Novadays team was responsible for numerous Regional transportation Planswhich were used to organise the Transport of passengers and goods in the different Autonomous Communities or carried out studies on the socio-economic impact of new transport infrastructures that were being built.

Between 2000 and 2010

In the first decade of the 21st century, in addition to continuing to carry out the projects described above, the Novadays team tackled new challenges derived from the Incorporation of technology into transport infrastructures and servicesHe was responsible for a number of projects that made it possible to incorporating STIs or launch, for example, the first Unified ticketing Management system of a public transport network in Spain.

In the same period, they worked in the Redesign of the concessional system of public transport of passengers by roadThe first two Technological plans for the railway sector in Spain or the Technological Plans of the passenger transport sector by road and from the Logistic sector.

The promotion of public-private partnership models at this time allowed Novadays to develop a significant expertise in the models of public-private partnerships. financing, construction, operation and management of infrastructure on the basis of Public Private Partnerships, participating in numerous of these projects in Spain and beginning to advise foreign governments such as Transaction Advisors in their PPP projects.

From 2010 to our days

In addition to expanding its involvement in classic National and regional Planning, design and feasibility study of projects, consultancy in PPPs, etc, in recent years the Novadays team has continued to innovate in the object of its projects in Spain for the first time a study of a transport system from a gender perspective Or the first demonstrator of an electric, driverless public road passenger transport service using an automated bus.

During these years, the Novadays team has focused on achieving a sustainable transportThe company has carried out a number of projects in both Planning for sustainable Urban mobility and changing patterns and attitudes in transport companies and by the citizen. The Transportation financing has also been the subject of numerous Novadays projects over the years.

Today's topics in transport policies

The Junta de Castilla y León promotes a center of excellence in cybersecurity applied to connected mobility February 2024 - The Junta de Castilla y León is calling on the cybersecurity and automotive industries to create a center of excellence in cybersecurity for connected mobility, which...

The complexity of achieving zero-emission public transport in large cities February 2024 - Electric mobility has been the focus of attention in the transport sector for some time now. The decarbonization of cities and the need to meet the emission reduction targets set by Brussels are making the transport sector more and more...

Electrification of one of the largest public transport fleets in the country 13 April - The electrification of public transport is a necessary action to decarbonize cities, improve air quality and comply with European and national environmental commitments. The Zaragoza Zero Emissions project responds to these...

The water sector facing the digital transformation and the circular economy: Innovaugas 4.0 14 January 2022 - The water sector and, in particular, the public entities responsible for the management of the water cycle in the different basins and regions of Spain are facing an important modernisation process, through investments...

Novadays designs the initiative to promote the cybersecurity industry of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan 14 January 2022 - The cybersecurity of public administrations and strategic sectors has become a key factor for the digital transformation of both the public sector and the most important...

Novadays is fully involved in the creation of regulatory sandboxes in several sectors. April 19, 2021 - The momentum of innovation and legislative development do not usually advance evenly, although from the legislation can drive important advances in R+D+i not only by creating requirements or future obligations that will force...

Hydrogen: a new challenge for governments and companies. April 12, 2021 - The use of hydrogen for energy production poses one of the greatest industrial and technological challenges for Spain and Europe in the next decade. The European Union's commitment - within the framework of the Green Deal - and...

Autonomous mobility: Malaga, new testing ground for urban transport with an autonomous bus. April 16, 2021 - The AUTOMOST project, led by Avanza Group and whose project management office has been in charge of Novadays, has reached its climax with the commissioning of the autonomous bus of the city of...

Security of critical infrastructure: the case of large tunnels Novadays is developing, together with partners from France, Italy and Belgium, a project to improve the security of European critical infrastructure against possible accidents and nuclear, chemical or bacteriological attacks. The large road and rail transport tunnels will be the first type ...

The Ministry of Development of the Government of Spain has awarded to Novadays the realization of the financial and economic situation of the companies of-terrestrial transport 2006-2017, after a competitive tender in which five companies have participated. The public sector economy team of Novadays will carry out this important study, which consolidates...

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