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Transformation of logistics infrastructures: smart port 4.0

More than 80% of the world's traded goods are moved by sea and it is estimated that by 2050 the volume of international transport will increase by up to four times.


Spain is the country with the longest coastline (8,000 km). Its geographical location positions it as a logistics platform for southern Europe. Its ports handle 60% of its exports and 85% of its imports, representing 53% of its foreign trade with the EU.

The importance of this infrastructure at a logistical and strategic level makes ports assume their role, driving an improvement in processes, through digital transformation and boosting efficiency.

Solution created

This is where the concept of smart port arises, contemplating the development of Industry 4.0 technologies. This is the basis of the ESTIBA+2022 project, whose management office has led Novadays.

ESTIBA+ 2022 was created to respond to the challenges of optimizing port space, port operation times, transport costs and productivity levels, maximizing stevedoring and unstowage flows, reducing environmental impact and CO2 footprint, also integrating technology, automation and connections that allow to operate interactively with the different agents.

The project, with an estimated investment of 5 million euros, funded by the CDTI, through the CIEN program. With this experience, Novadays continues its consolidation in the digital transformation, bringing all its knowledge of the logistics sector and industry 4.0.


The results of ESTIBA+2022 highlight the importance of using technology in the service of logistics to improve processes, safety and sustainability compared to traditional levels of pollution.

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