Public-Private Partnerships

Novadays is one of the reference companies in terms of public-private partnership models. Our consultants work regularly with national and regional governments, both in Spain and in other countries, in the field of public-private partnerships. Analysis, design, bidding and closing of projects based on public-private collaboration models.

Concessions of infrastructure and transport services, energy infrastructures, energy services, waste management, water, social services or education; All these sectors have been the subject of projects carried out by Novadays in the framework of public-private collaboration.

Within the framework of the company's assistance in the design and negotiation of major infrastructure projects, the company's experience in the following is noteworthy Cross-border projects (Cross-border projects), in whose design and execution the company has participated in sectors such as transport (railways and roads) or energy (electrical networks and gas pipelines).

Novadays' consultants provide the public manager with a Extensive technical, financial and legal knowledge of this type of contract; as well as the experience accumulated working in very different Different sectors and countries. In this sense, the activity of the company is characterized by the Transfer of Best practices, having exported from Spain successful models to other countries; And having imported to Spain positive experiences learned in our projects with other governments.

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