High Tech

Novadays works with companies in the high-tech sectors, such as the Aerospace, automotive, robotics or biotechnologysupporting managers in Strategic or operational aspects of your business.

Our knowledge of public policies and, in particular, of the Public procurement and financing mechanisms for R & D and technological innovation is a major asset for companies in these sectors.

Our experience in managing large, complex projects, both infrastructure and technological, is also useful to these companies when they are looking for an Project Managment independent and high level for your projects. Our engineers specialised in various fields of high-tech work in the following areas High-level engineering in the framework of R & D projects of these companies.

Knowledge of innovation policies and innovation policy National R & D Systems of different countries also makes us suitable advisors for Improve positioning of these companies in these systems or for managing the International financing of its activities in various countries.

If you want to know our references in this sector as well as the different ways in which we can help you, feel free to contact us through the form below.