Public Private partnerships (PPPs)

Public Private partnerships (PPPs)

The Public-Private Partnership has become a basic tool for good governance And for the service delivery andconstruction and operation of major infrastructure In many countries.

Novadays, as a company of Consultancy specialized in management and public policieshas gained valuable experience Advising public administrations in PPP project design and as Transaction advisor in the selection and negotiation process with the private partner.

Within the framework of absolute respect for possible conflicts of interest, Novadays advises public service concessionaires and infrastructure funders, builders and operators in all PPP models -from the design to the structuring of funding - and in its Negotiations with the public Sector.


Our experience in Public Private Partnership models includes Projects in various sectorsfrom Concessions of public transport servicesat Large transport infrastructures road and rail transport, including projects in the Energy or water management sectors. This multisectoral experience allows us to transfer best practices between sectors.

Legal, financial and technical advice

The Novadays team providing these services are markedly multidisciplinaryThe company can combine in a single company the Legal, financial and technical capacities necessary to receive full advice in public-private initiatives, which is one of the differences of Novadays as an advisory company.

Global advice on international projects

The Global character of NovadaysNovadays, as a company that advises in any country in the world, and the experience accumulated in Europe, America and Africa in this type of projects makes Novadays a Good partner to advise on PPP contracts in other countriesand to take advantage of the possibilities that the Bilateral and multilateral funding open to this type of project in the case of the Large infrastructures.

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