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Drones, autonomous vehicles, big data, virtual communities, sensorization... are elements that are transforming public services and public sector organizations themselves.

The digital transformation of the public sector is one of the greatest challenges that the public administration has faced in its history, greater in its magnitude and complexity than that of digitalization in the private sector. Novadays, as independent advisor works with public managers to define strategies and plans, and to implement the necessary processes for digital transformation

Novadays supports the entire process of digital transformation: from the design of the transformation, project selection, investments and technologies, to the implementation of such transformation and evaluation of results.

Our approach to digital transformation goes beyond the mere incorporation of technology, and is based on a holistic approach to public policy, rethinking how to do things and reinventing how to respond to each organization's mandate .

Big data, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, robotization, blockchain, etc., are the key technologies in which our knowledge allows each public organization not only to think about how it can transform itself, but also to face this transformation in the complex environment of public management.

Three out of four public managers are not satisfied with their technology providers. This is not only because of the suppliers, but also because the public sector often does not have the necessary instruments to buy and manage technology projects in the desirable way. Novadays -as an independent advisor- supports the public manager in this digital transformation process.

Our services for the digital transformation of the public sector include

  • Digital Government Strategies
  • Digital transformation plans of public sector organizations.
  • Plans for digital transformation of public services.
  • Technical offices of digital transformation.
  • Technology foresight studies.
  • Evaluation of suppliers and technologies.
  • Consultations to the market.
  • Public purchase of technology.
  • Management and supervision of digital transformation projects.
  • Digital transformation benchmarking studies.

Through our assistance, we are able to support the public manager in digital transformation actions such as:

  • Design and creation of data platforms.
  • Design and creation of digital analysis systems.
  • Balanced Scorecards of public sector organizations.
  • Robotization of utilities.
  • Studies of robotization and applied artificial intelligence.
  • Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection.

The digital transformation is a question of strategy and not just of technology. Novadays supports in the strategic definition and throughout the process of implementation of technologies, being independent of technologies and suppliers.

Our services cover the accompaniment during the whole process of digitalization, providing what is necessary for the decision making by the public manager.

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Some examples of how we help the digital transformation of the public sector

May 2024 - The Strategic Initiative for Public Procurement of Innovation (CPI) of the National Police brings together a set of investment programs, with multiple actions and projects that integrate the challenges and needs of all areas of the Police. The Initiative responds to the challenge of the National Police to consolidate its position in the...

April 2024 - The Business Factory Aero is the best example of the results that a region can achieve with the strategic use of public procurement. With the publication of a new call for proposals (consolidation mode) and with the recognition by FUNCAS as the best accelerator in Spain, the BFAero consolidates...

The Junta de Castilla y León promotes a center of excellence in cybersecurity applied to connected mobility February 2024 - The Junta de Castilla y León is calling on the cybersecurity and automotive industries to create a center of excellence in cybersecurity for connected mobility, which...

The complexity of achieving zero-emission public transport in large cities February 2024 - Electric mobility has been the focus of attention in the transport sector for some time now. The decarbonization of cities and the need to meet the emission reduction targets set by Brussels are making the transport sector more and more...

Towards improved water cycle management through digitization February 2024 - Last year was one of the driest and hottest years on record. The impact of climate change is being seen in high temperatures, extreme weather events, and the increasingly...

Civil UAVs Initiative: new high-tech infrastructures for CIAR 23 March - The Civil UAVs Initiative has become in a very short time an important reference, both at national and international level, both for the degree of specialization in the drone industry and its applications, as well as for the novelty of the use of drones...

The relevant environment for R&D&I in Zaragoza's urban transport 16 March - The incorporation of cutting-edge technology in public services such as mobility is becoming increasingly common. Having a test laboratory to implement different innovative mobility solutions is a necessary step for companies, public organizations, and public institutions to develop and implement innovative...

Women in innovation and technology, the first meeting of the Madrid Innovation debates 27 February - Bringing the debate closer to the entrepreneurial world is a way to encourage and create synergies, share experiences and enrich themselves, both at the level of the profession and at the level of their own perception and how to approach it ....

Electrification of one of the largest public transport fleets in the country 13 April - The electrification of public transport is a necessary action to decarbonize cities, improve air quality and comply with European and national environmental commitments. The Zaragoza Zero Emissions project responds to these...

The water sector facing the digital transformation and the circular economy: Innovaugas 4.0 14 January 2022 - The water sector and, in particular, the public entities responsible for the management of the water cycle in the different basins and regions of Spain are facing an important modernisation process, through investments...

Novadays designs the initiative to promote the cybersecurity industry of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan 14 January 2022 - The cybersecurity of public administrations and strategic sectors has become a key factor for the digital transformation of both the public sector and the most important...

Novadays designs the model of Public Procurement of Innovation of CSIC 16 December 2021 - Innovation is the engine of economic and social development of a country and Spain faces the challenge of advancing in this direction. While currently less than 2% of GDP is invested in innovation,...

Novadays is fully involved in the creation of regulatory sandboxes in several sectors. April 19, 2021 - The momentum of innovation and legislative development do not usually advance evenly, although from the legislation can drive important advances in R+D+i not only by creating requirements or future obligations that will force...

Autonomous mobility: Malaga, new testing ground for urban transport with an autonomous bus. April 16, 2021 - The AUTOMOST project, led by Avanza Group and whose project management office has been in charge of Novadays, has reached its climax with the commissioning of the autonomous bus of the city of...

Security of critical infrastructure: the case of large tunnels Novadays is developing, together with partners from France, Italy and Belgium, a project to improve the security of European critical infrastructure against possible accidents and nuclear, chemical or bacteriological attacks. The large road and rail transport tunnels will be the first type ...

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