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Novadays is a Consultancy or consulting firm, with a wide activity in the Spanish market and presence in other European and Latin American countries.

In the environment of the consulting companies, Novadays is distinguished by its high specialization in the public administrations and in certain sectors of action of these.

What are consulting firms or consultants?

The consulting companies are professional services companies that advise companies and governments in the different areas of specialization that are necessary for their correct administration. Thus, within the consulting companies there is a wide diversity: ICT, human resources, management, strategy, etc. Today, the term consultancy company is spreading to activities in which it was not traditionally used: real estate, accounting, engineering, etc.

Novadays is a Traditional consulting company, Highly specialized. Our mission is to achieve Improve the society in which we live through consulting and, in order to achieve it, we study, design, execute and evaluate projects and actions that can improve society, whether they are promoted by the public or private sector.

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What do consulting firms or consultants do?

The consulting companies provide high-value professional services, always adapting to the needs of their clients. Some of the professional services offered in our market are:


  • The consulting companies carry out economic, social, market or technical feasibility studies for the start-up of new activities or the launching of new products.
  • The consulting companies design these activities or products, as well as define the strategy and the operational that must be followed for their start-up or launching.
  • The consulting companies carry out the necessary actions to start these activities or to launch the new products, in a broad sense, executing the operative processes that previously have been designed.
  • The consulting companies manage these activities, departments or offices, providing value as managers and not just as strategists.
  • The consulting companies evaluate the activities that have been implemented, allowing to know the results that have been achieved.


The importance of people in consulting firms or consulting companies

At Novadays we understand that the consultancy must be linked to the experience and professionalism of the people who provide the services of the consulting companies. Therefore, the training, both technical and in skills, of these professionals is what distinguishes a consultancy companies from others. Novadays's consultants must gather in-depth knowledge of their area of expertise, skills such as analysis and presentation of results, and an attitude of service, pro-active, solidarity and clearly focused on teamwork.

If you want to develop your career in a consulting firm, Novadays offers you to be part of its team.

The history of consulting firms or consultancy companies

The consultancy-as a profession or independent activity-was born at the end of the XIX century associated with the management of large companies and related to the activity of the audit. Large companies-fundamentally American-begin then to give value to the external vision, contributed by professionals who know other companies of their sector or, even, experiences in other sectors that can enrich the internal vision of the Company. This is how the great American consultants are born: Arthur D. Little, Arthur Andersen (now divided into several companies), McKinsey, etc.

After the end of World War II, consulting companies in Europe emerge, linked to university knowledge: A model that has remained until today.

Consultancy is a mature market today, which has caused companies to specialize and provide differentiated services. Today, in the management consultancy market, several types of companies can be found:


  • Largely diversified consulting firms, in which much of the business depends on information technologies (ICTs): Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, PWC.
  • Large consulting firms specializing in management consultancy and strategy: McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Arthur D. Little, etc.
  • Consulting firms Boutique or niche companies, specialising in sectors or functional areas of consultancy. Within this type of companies, we find those specialised in Government and Public Sector, such as Novadays. These types of companies frequently exploit business areas of little interest to large companies and have often been promoted by professionals who trained in large consultancy firms.

Government and public administration consulting firms

In the framework of the tendency to the high specialization that characterizes the consultancy sector, and of the appearance of consulting companies of boutique, arise in the beginning of the years 80, in the Anglo-Saxon countries the consultants specialized in the services Professionals to Governments and public administrations. They are consulting companies that combine the knowledge of private management (originated in business schools) with those of macroeconomics and political science. Its success is based on the public management's pursuit of different objectives than private enterprise; And that the instruments to reach them are equally different.

The growth of these companies is due to the increasing professionalization of the public management, to the extension of the practices of the strategic direction in the administrations and to the awareness of the need to manage in an optimal way the resources Available. In this general framework, public managers require external support, providing them with knowledge to overcome the challenges that arise.

Currently, in the market of government consulting firms, several types of consultancy companies can be found:

  • Political image or political consultancy companies: they advise parties and candidates in their election campaigns and in their public image.
  • Lobby companies, whose activity is to represent the interests of private companies in the face of decisions taken in the public sector.
  • Management companies and public policies, whose activity is to support politicians and officials in the implementation, execution and follow-up of their activities (projects, services, programs, plans, etc).

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