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Novadays, contracted by the MAPAMA as a Technical Office of the SEM Awards in the framework of the European Week of mobility in Spain, has participated in the delivery of the VII awards of the Spanish week of sustainable mobility 2017, which have put an end to the activities of promotion of sustainable mobility carried out under this European initiative in 2017.


Spain: European leader in the implementation of permanent sustainable mobility measures.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment is the Coordinator of the European Mobility Week in Spain since its inception in the year 2002. The first year of the European Mobility Week took place a total of 328 cities throughout Europe. This year 2016, the figure had multiplied by seven (2,427 cities).

Spain is the country that implements the most permanent sustainable mobility measures each year on the occasion of the participation of the different municipalities in European Mobility Week: in 2016, 2,906, 40.5% of the European total. Almost 35,000 since the beginning of this project. These measures remain in the cities once the SEM concludes, which makes this one of the main instruments for the impulse of sustainable mobility in Spain.

In the category of ' MobilityActions ', for non-municipal entities, Spain leads the ranking by countries with 162 mobility actions, representing 30% of the 528 shares registered at European level.

The slogan of the 2016 edition: "Intelligent mobility. Strong economy, "encouraged to make the best economic party of intelligent and sustainable mobility."



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