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Novadays has been selected as Qualified Advisor by the PPP Authority of the Government of Puerto Rico, thus joining a select group of international companies including leading global engineering, consulting and law firms.

The government of Puerto Rico came from the beginning of 2017 selecting projects to be promoted through private public collaboration in different fields ranging from public transport to large gas infrastructures. Novadays's transveral experience in many of these fields has contributed to its selection by the PPP authority.

The devastation caused by the hurricane's path María, in September, private public collaboration is made more necessary for the reconstruction of damaged infrastructures and the improvement of public services.

This recognition and the future projects in which Novadays participates as advisor, will join the long trajectory of the company advising PPP units of different governments and advising on PPP projects in different areas. To date, Novadays has advised governments on more than 200 public-private partnership projects.

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